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Floors & Basements:
Vacuum all type of  floors, carpets and carpeted steps.
Dust, sweep and mop.

Kitchen (Clean and Disinfect):
Refrigerator surfaces including top, front and out facing sides.
All kitchen countertops and splash boards.
Kitchen range and oven surfaces, including top, front and outfacing sides.
Microwave inside and outside.
Small kitchen appliances, such as electric can openers
Kitchen tables.
Kitchen trash cans.
Load and start dishwasher. 

Change linen in bedrooms.
Dust all knick-knacks, wood surfaces.
Dust all nightstands and lamps.
Clean mirrors and television glass.

Living Room (Dust the following): 
All knick-knacks and wood surfaces.
Cocktail tables and lamps.
Staircase rails, doorjams, floor panels and woodwork.
Window sills (light dusting of window blinds.)
Desks, televisions, book cases (light dusting of books).

Bathrooms (Clean and disinfect):
Toilet bowl seat and cover.
All chrome fixtures.
Bathtub, sinks, and shower stall surfaces.


Keep your business clean and spotless with our professional help. Whether it's schools, science laboratories or medical and office buildings, you can definitely count on us for quality, professional cleaning service!

We Specialize In:
Janitorial Cleaning
Office Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning
Floor Cleaning
Industrial Cleaning


Our qualified carpet cleaners are well trained in treating the toughest of stains and ground-in dirt.
Affordable Clean Carpet specializes in rug and carpet cleaning. Our carpet cleaning process designed to rid your carpet of dirt and spots visible in your carpet. When we have completed our carpet cleaning process, you will have fresh smelling and clean carpets. Our process includes the following steps: 

Pre-conditioning – This step is most important to a leaving your carpets clean. Regardless if carpet is only slightly dirty or has not been cleaned for many years, pre-conditioning your carpet is extremely beneficial because we apply solutions that will break down carpet dirt and stains.
Spot Treatment – If your carpet shows specific spots or stains, we will use powerful cleanings to loosen the offending substance.
Full Carpet Cleaning – During this process, we primarily use commercial water / cleaning solution application and extraction. Our expert technicians will continue this process until they are satisfied that your carpet is thoroughly clean.
Rinsing & Disinfectant – This is a critical step because it serves two purposes –removal of the dirt, stains and odors from your carpet and it ensures that no residue of the cleaning solution remains on your carpet. If carpet cleaning solution residue remains, your carpet is likely to attract dirt quicker because cleaning solutions act like a dirt magnet.


Doctor Cleaning Services has been serving Madison  for over 2 years!

We tailor our service to fit your particular needs.  We screen all our employees with thorough background checks.
Our employees are trained to be detailed and thorough in cleaning.
We offer you a free consultation without any obligation or contract.

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